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The 11th China (Guangzhou)International Automobile Exhibition

The 11th China (Guangzhou) International Automobile Exhibition

TimeNov 22—30, 2013

Venue:Pazhou GuangZhou ·China import and export fair complex


Brief Introduction

With over ten years’ booming, China auto industry having passed the growth period from small to big steps on a new industrial transformation journey from strong to powerful and from quantity to quality. Different from the volcanic-eruption growth in auto production and sale volume over the past ten years, China auto industry emphasized more than ever industrial resources optimization and reorganization, industrial quality upgrading and innovation, and new energy and technology’s development and application after 2012. It has already opened a new development era, with increasingly human-oriented auto technology and varied auto consumptions.

In such a history period of industrial development that is fully of challenges and opportunities, domestic and foreign auto brands together see a larger development space. Being a landmark exhibition recognized as the China Auto Market Development Vane, Auto Guangzhou, together with auto brands at home and abroad, has witnessed the historical process of China auto industry’s growing into the mainstay of global auto industry under mutual promotion and mutual development, for the past ten years. However, how could it make continual breakthroughs along with the industry, in the years to come? These are awaited eagerly and increasingly by people at home and abroad in the industry.  

Auto Guangzhou will promote the theme of “Leading the Way & Control the Future”, by positively adapting to the upgrading demand of China auto industry and going with the development of the auto industry at home and abroad. Auto Guangzhou will take it as its own duty to help domestic and overseas auto enterprises for further development in the new period, to dedicate to a comprehensive exhibition of the largest scale and industrial coverage, to strengthen the exhibition’s core competitiveness in foundation and innovation, and to have annual global auto industry ceremonies of Chinese features.



Municipal Government of Guangzhou

Economics & Information Commission of Guangdong Province

China Foreign Trade Center

China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF)

China Association of Automobile Manufactures (CAAM)

Executive Organizer:

Guangzhou Zhanlian Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corporation

China Council for the promotion of International Trade, Automotive Sub-Council (CCPIT)

Guangzhou Automobile Industry Group Co., Ltd (GAIG)

Society of Automotive Engineers of China (SAE-China)

Union Fair and Trade Co., Ltd

CCPIT  Guangzhou Committee

Guangzhou  Association of Auto-marketing Industry

Guangzhou Industrial Economy Federation


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